Atomic Man Chapter 1:

Journey to Zordicon Island!

Release Date Unknown
Created by DF
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A Man (Kai) is driving a taxi when he sees five police cars zooming to the Museum "That can't be good." Kai exclaimed. He gets out and red lightning strikes him and transforms into ATOMIC MAN. He flies to the museum and finds Lord Zordicon has stolen the Ruby of Fire.

He attacks Lord Zordicon with two blasts KA-BLAMO! KA-BLAMO! But Zordicon has his force field up and is unharmed "Fool. I am Lord Zordicon!" He boasted "And I'm  Mr. Snooks." Atomic Man jokingly replies. Zordicon then teleports back to Zordicon Island.

Later... Atomic Man then goes to the underground E.A.G.L.E. base and asks where Zordicon Island is. After learning the location he flies into space and back to Earth again and finds Zordicon Island. He flies in through a window and punches Zordicon. He stumbles back and then teleports behind Atomic Man and kicks him in the balls. "Arghh" Atomic Man yelps. Ignoring the agony in his ballsack Atomic Man blasts Lord Zordicon into the water. KA-BLAMO! SPLOOSH!! Atomic Man finds the Ruby of Fire and flies away with it. "Damnit, Atomic Man!"

He gives the Ruby to E.A.G.L.E. and goes home to sleep.



Atomic Man/Kai Redwood

E.A.G.L.E. Troops

Comander Redwood


Lord Zordicon


  • First chapter!
  • Lord Zordicon was the first villain I thought up.