Casey price aka amun is the newest member of the super society and the chosen one because of his skeleton age 15.


Casey was going to the park to fight his bully karen slaze but steped in to a battle betwen the super society and the animalhood of evil. Casey was badly hart so the super society unloked his super gene healing him and him joining the super society under the codename amun.


Casey can lift 2 tons, can pass through solid objects, walk on thin air and water, can shot organic webs from his wrist, can heal himself, lastly he has a blue exoskeleton that whan need it can use all the super society powers.


Casey costume has green and yellow sneakers,green track pants, yellow jacket with green shirt with a yellow spider emblem,green gloves, big yellow goggle-eyed sunglasses that can see through objects and see invisible objects,and use red hair spray on his brown hair to make it red so no one could tell that it is him.