Cell is a superhero


Simon Cove was a 56 year old scientist. When he had to train a rookie that was new to the lab, he was surprised that is was Victor Vein; one of his students he use to teach in Elementary School (from grades 2-5). The two got along just fine, until Victor came up with a serum that can enhance blood or cells in ones body. Victor was so excited that he shared his idea to Simon. After Simon read Victor's plans for the serum that he wrote in his notebook, he said that it was a terrible idea because it could turn someone into a killing machine.

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Before he was Cell, he has white hair and a small white beard. As Cell, he looks like Anti-Venom from Marvel comics, only he has no symbol.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Cell, Simon has enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced durability, he can heal others of deceases due to his white blood cell powers, has shapeshifting powers (allowing him to turn his hand into a mallet, changing his appearance, etc), can shoot fire from his palms, and has two retractable claws on the back of each hand that if someone gets stabbed by them, they become poisoned. Cell can also be connected to the electric pulses in a human's brain allowing him to read their minds.