Craig Thompson is former police commissioner and now an ally to Gunblazer and Ruby. While the other two fights crime with other identities, Craig rather stay at their office and informs them about new crimes.

Character originEdit

Craig Aaron Thompson j.r was born and raised in the city of Declayton. During childhood he idolized famous detectives such as Sherlock Holmes, and gained a huge interest in puzzles and dectivity.

He studied dectivity at college and later became a police officer, but was soon promoted to commissioner. He made a name of being the least corrupt and most honest police man at Declayton police department. However, later on, when Dollarman took control of the city, Craig was fired since he was the only on who stood up against him.

After being permanently fired, Craig moved into a small house to be alone, since he didn't wanted to watch the city fall under Dollarmans power. He still met his friend, new police commissioner Joyce Pearl, every day to discuss new cases of crime. At one appointment he even revealed Gunblazers true identity to her, which George Flygard had revealed to him a couple of years earlier.

One day Joyce met up with him and revealed her plans of contacting Gunblazer and try and join him. They both decided to give the plan a shoot, and they would later become assistants and close friends to George Flygard. However, while Joyce helps out by dressing up as Ruby and fighting crime side to side with George, Craig just stay at their office to give them help and advices. He have no interest in becomming a superhero, due to his old age.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Craig doesn't has any superpowers, he isn't technically even a superhero, but he's an invaluable ally of Gunblazer and Ruby. While he never fights crime on the streets like Joyce and George, he's still very helpful, by sending them information about new crimes over the city. He sometimes even try to solve mysterious crimes by his own at his house.

He's very intelligent and intellectual, and good in hand to hand combat. He also carries a gun wherever he goes, and is a skilled shooter.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Craig is a former police commissioner, but is now permanently fired. He serves as assistant and informer to Joyce and George. Craig lives by his own at a small house, filled with notifications of crime cases. He's also dreaming about one day returning to his job as a commissioner.

Craig is a close friend to Joyce Pearl and George Flygard, and often hangs out with them during their spare time. He also has a son from a former marriege, but he lives far away.


Craig is very honest and fair, always fighting for justice. His goal is to bring justice to the corrupted city of Declayton, which according to him resembles a minor dictatorship thanks to Dollarman. He bashes Dollarman and his corrupted government, and does everything in his way to bring him down.

Craig is also very intelligent, independent and quick-minded. He can sometimes be seen as grumpy and unsympathic.

Appearance and designEdit

Craig wears a grey coat, which collar often covers his chin. He wears a white shirt under it, and wears black jeans and brown shoes. He has grey, short hair, grey eyes, and has a small mustasche.

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