Doo Doo Man is a very weird and disgusting superhero...probably the worst.


Chuck McFudger was a scientist that worked in a lab and had really terrible diareaha. During his job, he really had to go take a crap, so he ran in the bathroom, but he accidentally sat on a radioactive toilet. The toilet affected Chuck, and made his diareaha became his superpower. Now Chuck helps people and defeats evil as the world's worst and most disgusting superhero, Doo Doo Man!


Doo Doo Man's costume closey resembles the costume of the superhero known as "Invincible" however he has something connected to his mask with is on top of his that resembles a pile of poop (unlike Invincible who shows his hair). Also, whatever is yellow and blue is plain brown and he has a logo on his chest which is yet again a pile of poop. Doo Doo Man also smells like poop.


When Doo Doo Man pulls his pants down, he shoots poop bombs out his butthole (poop with a green glow around it) that makes objects explode when they hit something. Doo Doo Man can also shoot a straight beam of poop which is more explosive than the poop bombs. After the poop bombs and poop beam make objects explode, it leaves a mess of poop everywhere afterwards. If there is any poop near by (mostly in sewers), Doo Doo Man can turn them into giant poop monsters to assist him in battle. In addition to his poop powers, Doo Doo Man has an extreme fart that launches him in the air, allowing him to fly.


  • Alot of people call him the worst superhero ever.
  • Most of the bad guys try to surrender now when Doo Doo Man arrives because they don't want to be covered in shit or smell it. But Doo Doo Man uses his powers against them anyway, no matter how much they beg him not to.
  • One time, Doo Doo Man shot a gigantic poop beam out his ass that was so gigantic, that the whole town was covered in shit after an explosion was caused. The town smelled like shit and was covered in it for 16 months.