• Shoro, a red dragon with extremely high aggressives due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades. He resembles a humanoid version of Shoutmon.
  • Princess Kitta, a white female feline who is a princess of the Planet Galactos. She is Shoro's love interest and girlfriend.
  • Bobert, an obese alligator who is Shoro's best friend as well as partner.


  • Colonel Zorf, a cyan-skinned alien who conquers the planets. He seems to be resemble Commander Borf from Space Ace.
  • Lieutenant Rolf, an orange robot with a thin moustache.
  • Wart-Mutts, a green-furred dog-like creatures covered with warts.
  • Balg, a giant monstrous bulldog-gorilla-ram hybrid.
  • Moots, a humanoid monkey-like creatures who are Zorf's minions.
  • Atomic Guards, a green-skinned humanoids who are Zorf's guards.
  • Eelocodile, a giant crocodile/mosasaur-like creature who is one of Zorf's pets.
  • Hobimps, a small, reptilian imp-like creatures who are Zorf's minions.
  • Cybots, Zorf's military unit.