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"You are the first generation. Your were made to protect the world."

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Katherine Matheson



Leona Patterson

David O'Dell

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Setting Edit

First Generation takes place on the planet of Eon, 149 years after the Eon War. Eon is an earth-like planet (possibly Earth of another dimension); the only difference is that the human population consisted of both ordinary humans, and the genetically enhanced, or those who were born with ablities. Whether someone had abilities or not depends entirely upon their own genetics. Eon had a partial enhanced population up until 149 years ago, when every person, man, woman, child, and even the unborn with this genetic make-up were killed. This prevented the super-gene from getting passed down to future generations, and prevented any future superbeings.
The comic spans a little over a year, begining at the end of May, and ending at the end of August the following year.


During the Eon War, the world's governments hired the Genetically Enhanced to fight in their armies, hoping to turn the tides of war. This was in vain however, as the militaries were too evenly matched; some had more advanced weaponry, while others had soldiers with abilities to even the odds. If not stopped, the war would have ripped the fabric of Eon itself apart, destroying all that inhabited it. Many people of Eon believed it was man's destructive nature that led them to this point, but one man came to another conclusion. He believed that the fault was not man himself, but the abilities that some people possessed. He thought the powers some men had were solely to blame. Acting on this, he unleashed his power: the ability to make present matter simply non-exist, and turn it into nothing.
It is believed that this man somehow isolated the gene within a person's DNA that gave them abilities, and destroyed it. By doing this, he succeeded in elimiminating the super-genetics. But he also unwittingly annihilated any person having the gene (man, woman, and child), killing himself in the process. He was solely responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands, an event that simply became known as the Annihilation. The leaders of Eon, joined by the mutual loss, ended the war and entered an era of peace. The people of Eon eventually healed, and moved forward in rebuilding all that was lost during the war. 149 years later, in a world rebuilt, a world without abilities, and the Eon War a dark stain of the past, what everyone thought impossible happened. 
A group of unlikely heroes arose.
A group of genetically enhanced.
The First Generation.

How It Began Edit

To be written.

Pre-Annihilation Genetically Enhanced  Edit

(These are just some of the most well known superbeings at the time. There were, in fact, many others).

Post-Annihilation Genetically Enhanced Edit

  • First Generation

Playlist Edit

You know how at the end of books (In the bonus content) some authors put up a playlist, or a list songs that helped inspire parts of the novel or fit the mood of the story? Well, as I create my comic, I'll put up songs that helped me capture a particular mood or event sometime in the story.

  • Unwinding Cable Car by Anberlin 
  • September by Daughtry (This song really relates to the epilouge at the very end of the story)
  • I See Fire by Ed Sheeran (Yes, I know it was meant for the Desolation of Smaug, but this song fits the finale of the story)

Trivia Edit

- About 1% of Eons' population was genetically enhanced.

- The Eon War was a war that encompassed all of Eon, hence the name.