Grasshopper is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Drew Smith was an unpopular nerd without any friends, who spent most of his time practising high jumping. He was bullied at school and everybody called him hopeless. He himself, wanted to become a famous high jumper, to prove that he wasn't hopeless.

He trained hard everyday, and actually gained some hope for his future. Byt one day, when he was walking home from school, he didn't paid attention when he was crossing the street, and was hit by a truck.

At the hospital, the doctor noted that he was going to be fine, but his legs were too damaged, and he was never going to be able to walk, run or jump again. Knowing that he was never going to be become a high jumper, Drew was depressed and lost all his hope.

Later on, he could return to his school and continue his studies. He didn't really cared about it anylonger though. A couple of months later, he gained interest in science and later became a scientist at the Declayton labratory. One day, he read an article about a man, who could replace his amputated arm with a robot arm.

He used this as an inspiration, and decided to build a pair of robot legs, so he could jump again. After several years, he succeeded. But the legs had a better effect then he thought, and he flew 30 feet up in the air. He decided to try and build a robot suit to protect his whole body from damage, so he could do it again.

But the other scientists agreed that this would cost too much, so Drew robbed them all and escaped to a shabby basement, where he could continue his work. After some more years, he was done. He had constructed the suit to look like a grasshopper, so no one  would be able to identify him. He then started to call himself "Grasshopper", and jumped around in the city. The other scientists could soon figure out that he was Drew though, and he became wanted.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Grasshopper doesn't really has any superpowers, but the suit he's wearing gives him some abilities. He can jump around 30 feet up in the air, and he's also wearing a machine that can send supersonic waves, and destroy glass. The suit also protects him from most kind of damage.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Grasshopper doesn't has any friends, all he does is jump around in the city, often causing damage. He doesn't has any job either, and gets money from robbing stores or museums.


Grasshopper is a very lonely and sad person, whos only happiness in life is to jump around. He see his suit as the only thing that gives him hope, and is obsessed with the subject, hope.

Appearance and designEdit

Grasshopper wears a green, robotic suit, resembling a grasshopper, to protect himself from damage. The suit is complete with a mask, resembling a grasshoppers head, and two big legs, shaped as the ones on a grasshopper, that allows him to jump high.


My least favorite character, tied with The accident.

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