Grizzly is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Byron McLiff was born in a family of very heavily built people. He was alwyas that kid who was much taller than the others. But this however led the other kids to bully and tease poor Byron for being different.

Throughout his entire childhood, Byron was bullied and outcasted, and was called "Grizzly guy" by some older kids. He never really had a friend, just an old teddy bear he called "Mr. Grizzly". One day his bullies stole and destroyed the teddy bear. Byron was completely alone.

The worst part of the bullying wasn't the teaseful nicknames or the loneliness, it was to have no respect at all. Byron was much bigger than his bullies and could easily beat them up, but he never did, beacuse he simply had too little confidence. After all those years of constant bullying, Byrons bullies had successfully earned all his respect, while he had little to no respect for himself.

The bullying didn't really got an end only after his graduation. As an adult, Byron lived by his own i a small house. But he constantly dreamed nightmares about his former bullies, and he realized that he had to take his self respect back.

He trained his strength, speed and agility to the peak, and dressed up as a Grizzly bear. He then adopted the identity as "Grizzly" and brutally murdered his former bullies. He soon became wanted though.

As Grizzly, Byron began killing bullies all over the city, in order to gain huge respect from others. He doesn't kill beacuse he's evil, paid or insane, he kill beacuse he wants to put an end to all kind of bullying.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Grizzly doesn't has any superpowers, but he've trained his body to be able to reach huge strength, speed and agility. He's also a skilled martial artist, but prefers to never use weapons in his acts.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Grizzly lives by his own in a shabby little house. He doesn't has any friends, since all he have in his mind is to destroy bullying. During high school, the only person who ever was nice to him was George Flygard, who later would become Gunblazer.


Grizzly is a very grief and severe person. He see himself as the only person who can get rid of bullying, but choose to use extreme methods while doing so. He usually stops people who are bullying someone, and then beat them to death as a punishment.

Grizzly see respect as the biggest weapon in a fight. According to him, a true opponent is someone you fear and give respect. And the fastest way to gain respect is through bullying.

Appearance and designEdit

Grizzly wears a brown grizzly bear costume, that covers his whole body except his fists, chin, mouth and eyes. He's very tall and heavily built. His eye color is green.


Apparently, Spiderman already has an enemy named Grizzly. However, I didn't knew about this before I already had written the character, and I'm certainly not going to scrap him.

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