Superheroes Universe:

Jeniyus Adventures: #3 Keep Away

The front room of the police office where Jeniyus had been summoned to was quite warm. It was a sharp contrast to the cold air outside. She didn't know what she'd been called in for, but she knew it concerned Metrinos, and thus, was quite important.

Finally, a police officer she knew, the warden of Metrinos's prison, came out to the front room, and stood before Jeniyus. "Jeniyus, there's a special ruby that Metrinos wants to get ahold of. It's worth roughly half a million dollars. We've decided that the best place to put it where it will be safe from Metrinos is the top security museum in New Zealand. But the heavily guarded plane that will deliver it there won't arrive for a week. We desire to keep it out of Metrinos's hands until then. But we don't think any place we have here is secure enough. So....Jeniyus....we would like you to hold onto the ruby."

Jeniyus's eyes widened. "W-what? Me?"

"Yes. You have a fighting chance against Metrinos. Normal guards and police do not. Metrinos will be focusing his full attention on getting this ruby, so he won't be up to anything else, at least. No other heists from him to worry about. The ruby is safest in your possession, Jeniyus."

"I...I don't know if I can do this! Keeping a ruby safe from him for a whole week? What if I fail?"

The officer shook his head. "This is the only chance we have of keeping the ruby safe. No one will blame you if you fail. We only ask that you try." He held out his hand, the ruby in his palm. "Put it in your pocket."

Jeniyus took a deep breath. "Alright." She took the ruby, and put it in her pocket, as instructed.