Are a team of superheroes with a bad past trying to make it up


The Goverment wanted a new team of heroes so thay went with crocks giving team a second chance in life thay went with James Conter, Alex Amter, Conner Batment, and James Dagles.


James Conter aka red wizard-Was a scientist who was rejected by the women he loved so he put a virus in her and killed her later he was freed from prison to be part of the lightingbolts.he can hyper-dense him self giving him self super-strength and invulnerability to a level and can heal faster then a normal human and can make bad luck happen.

Alex Amter aka ShiftingmanEdit

Alex was known for taking people and keeping them he was gave a 100 year sentence but S.P.I saved him and put him with the Lightningbolts. He can transform into a animal or a human with master hand-to-hand combat.                                                                                                                  

Richard Doyle AKA LightmanEdit

Richard's home town was burend to the ground and famliy killed with his powers he was close to blowing up but S.P.I shut down his powers than relesed him to Lightningbolts. He can fire what he calles starblast and bolts and use gravty to fly and can blow up the world but this power is shut down for now.                                                                                                  

James dagles AKA Red HornetEdit

James wanted revenge for his mother murder so would use Hornet DNA to get His revenge but was set up and killed a little boys beloved grandmother and was given life in prison But was freed by S.P.I but to prove he was good he joined the Lightningbolts.He can srenk to the size of a hornet, Hornet wings from his back, a Hornet sting, and can control hornets.

Virginia HarrisEdit

A goverment agent with Lightningbolts to keep an eye on them and she belives thay can do amzing things and she has a crush on Lightman.she has NO powers but uses two guns that fire static shock that can knock you out.