Lucky is a supervillain and enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Leopold. L. Langster was born in a poor family in a shabby area of Declayton. As a kid, he spent most of his time pulling pranks, or trying to cheat money off of people. At the age of 15, his mother threw him out and he had to survive on his own. To his mothers surprise, Leopold gained a reputation as a con man and an infamous crook.

At 18 years of age, Leopold was well known for his bluffs and lies, not to mention his luck. Even if almost every of his fraudulents screwed up, he always came away with it, which was seen as true luck, thereby his nickname Lucky. For Leopold, the true definition of luck was to punch someone in the face and come away with it.

One day, he managed to defraud a fortune of almost 5 millions of dollars. He became wealthy and founded his own company named "Lucky Boy & Company". He became famous all over the city for his scams and bluffs.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lucky is more like a mob boss and a con man than a supervillain. He doesn't have any superpowers, but he's seen as the luckiest person alive. He also uses a cane that can transform into a epee. He never uses any guns, but he's constantly seen together with two bodyguards, both carrying guns.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Lucky is the manager of his own company, Lucky Boy & Company. The company is secretly an organized criminal operation with criminal contacts all over the city. The company is well known for its scandals and fraudulents, yet no one has managed to put an end to it. Lucky is also wanted for his scams and bluffs, but he always manages to come away clean from his crimes.

With the exception of being the head of his company, Lucky is an infamous crook in the underworld, and an enemy of several criminals who have fallen victims for his bluffs. Lucky is a close friend to Gunblazer's arch enemy, Dollarman, and thereby an enemy of Gunblazer. Lucky often spends time cheating in poker against Dollarman.


Lucky is extremely narcissistic and charismatic. He see himself as a true leader and the most imortant person in the world. He's also very clever and astute.

Lucky is very lucky, thereby his name. He states that "What Lucky wants, Lucky will get". His motto is that "I wont harm you, just your economy." Lucky is not really evil, just very selfish and manipulative. He will do anything to get what he wants, and take out anything in his way.

Appearance and designEdit

Lucky is dressed as an old fashioned con man, with red & white striped cloths, a boater and a cane, which he often swings while walking. He has long blond hair with bangs covering his left eye. His eye color is green.