Malen is a superhero.


Vincent Cole was a very gifted painter. All he would ever do is paint beautiful things and would sometimes hang them on his wall. But after a meteor fell from the sky and landing in his backyard, it appeared to be leaking something glowing similar to paint. Vincent poured it into a cup, dipped a paint brush in it, and starting painted a dinosaur, and was surprised that the whole picture wasn't green because of the paint being glowing green but he though that he was hallucinating so we went to the bathroom to splash water in face, but as he came back, the dinosaur from the picture came to life and started attacking him. Vincent shouted at the beast to go away and was surprised that it was gone when he turned back around. After discovering whatever he paints with it, comes to life, Malen decides to have fun with it. Vincent did things such as making his own mansion, a new Camero, a giant flat screen TV, an indoor swimming pool, a pet white tiger and T-Rex (yeah he kinda gets use to it now). But despite everything he has, Vincent becomes lonely so he makes a friend named Eloc Tnecniv (Vincent Cole spelled backwards). The two of them become the best of friends within 5 days, but Eloc soon believes that Vincent only thinks of him as a painting come to life and not a real person also that he's taking his power for granted. In another words, since Vincent can make whatever he paints come to life, Eloc suggests that he could rule the world with an iron fist, but Vincent disagrees and walks away. This makes Eloc feel like his own friend betray him, so he steals his paint brush and uses it to cause crime and taking the lives of others for the next 2 days behind Vincent's back. After seeing what he has done on the news, Vincent becomes devasted but lucky for him, he created a lifetime supply of paint in case he runs out or if the brush is stolen. Vincent grabs another brush of his, dips in the paint, and heads to the city to stop Eloc. When Vincent confronts Eloc in the city, he had no choice but to erase Eloc, but it doesn't work. Eloc tells him if he doesn't erase one of his paintings that would soon come to life within a week, they become to real for anyone to erase. Eloc then starts to tell Vincent that he brought this upon himself when he abused the things that he could do then stepped on his friendship; and because of this, Eloc would later don the name "Atrocity". The two clash in an epic battle throughout the entire city, until Vincent is left victorious of the battle but when Vincent goes to investigate Atrocity's body, it appeared to be a decoy implying that the real Atrocity must've escaped at the end of the battle. This would soon start their rivalry. After that day, Vincent dedicated uses his art to help people and later don the name "Malen".


Vincent Cole shares a great love for painting which was his favorite hobby, especially since he was a gifted artist. However, after discovering he could make his paintings can now come to life, Vincent has dedicated himself to help other who can't help themselves, even from the villainous "Atrocity".


Malen has blue eyes, black hair, and a black mustache. As his costume, Malen wears a full black outfit that has its own legging. So the upper and lower part of his outfit is attached that also has sleeves. Malen also wears a French hat.


Whatever Malen paints, it becomes real thanks to the power of the brush at his side (but mostly the paint) such as monsters, weapons, walls, portals, an army, an entire world or universe, etc. so with the magical paint brush at his side, Malen is a powerful being. Malen can also erase his paintings by thinking about it.


If Malen doesn't erase his creations within a week, they become too real and impossible to erase. This becomes a big problem when he creates Atrocity. Even if Malen creates a time machine, he cannot undo their creation.


  • Although, it was glowing green when Vincent found it, the paint can change color to whatever it needs when the painting is brought to life. For example if Malen uses the brush to make a lemon, it will automatically turn yellow.
  • The word "malen" means paint in German.