The Mechatomics are the enemies of the Super Dragons.


In addition to its official leader, Doctor Cybutnik involving Mechatomics following members:

  • Amoris - Among the leaders of the Mechatomics. He is a humanoid cyborg in his battle suit, shoulder pack, and fingertips launcher are installed.
  • Radiore - A mechanic Tyrannosaurus with steel teeth and humanoid body, and his "arms" consists of plasma guns and his "tongue" consists of the atomic blast emitter.
  • Psychoray - A manta ray-like cyborg with jet engines and laser emitter and a capsule for the tip of his tail.
  • Sligan - A cyborg with a dog's body and iron teeth. To move faster instead of paws buzzsaws mounted on his legs.
  • Buzzsoar - A bug-like cyborg with a capsule-like apprendages on the back containg wings, steel pincers and iron fangs.
  • Gargun - A frog-like cyborg in the form of tank with tank tracks and cannon, and revolver guns replacing his hands.