This is a stand alone short story from the book: An Unlikely Hero from Wattpad

Her story.Edit

"Hello Peeps, I bet your wondering...Who the hell is this?"

We see a scene from supposedly 'An Unlikely Hero"

Twenty-one year old Jean Clock raises her lightly tanned hand, while a fellow classmates cell phone began emitting the song ‘sweet home alabama’ in sweet low tune that most teachers would not notice in a gigantic room.

“I'm confused.” She simply said, putting her hand back onto the light brown wide desk nearly covered by a notebook filled with scribbled scribbles and drawings.

The man is puzzled, blinking eyes to make sure he is not dreaming about her asking a femilear dreadful question his wife started to say at their third honeymoon using the term:‘I’m confused’.

“About what?” He said, slightly shifting the tie leftwards like a side-ways spoon laid on a table.

“Everything,” Jean starts, blowing bubble gum that she sneaked in between classes. “Starting from the invisible circle to area 51.”

"Yes, I am African American and I have a power of my own."

“By racing me to the city!” The Man said, undoubtedly optimistic as he is fully aware Jean is unsure, since there is only two of them and the city is densely populated at night.

“But the thugs!” She said, providing an excuse

“Thieves,smugglers, and mugglers, all the same.” Blake said, shrugging and sounded more older than he supposedly is for the comparison. “See ya at the tennis court!”

Blake dashes away.


You are fast!” He admits,taking a breath.

“And I showed you so.” She response, leaning agianst the wall

“Like a blurr.” He said, his eyes glittering. “You should become a superhero, I dub you as...Speedywoman!”

“Speedywoman?” Jean asks,tilting her head.

“A Flash combination of Spiderman.” He said,holding his hands up like he is holding a picture frame. “Just imagine!”

"I protect my city, New Jersey, and I am a College gradurate.The story where I came from was probably a draft. I could see my self in 'An Unlikely mask' after the writer has got everything off her plate. I figure she gave me her dreamed ability because of some Amazing Spiderman preview."

"For all I may never see a shred of my speed in a long time...CAUSE I AM A HERO DARNIT!"