The N-men are the newest team in New Jersey



He is a orange skined musculer tall teen he can transform at well it gives him super-strength and durabilty and a sonic screams and is team leader real name Walter james human skin white he-thing skin orange hair coler human red he-thing green age 14.

Special BoyEdit

He has Super-Strength,durabilty,flight,and telekinesis two silver guntlets that make Force-Flelds he is second in command real name conner vortex skin white hair coler blonde age 14.

Speed GirlEdit

she super-speed later she can fire yellow lightning bolts from her hands real name sally gomez skin light black hair coler brown age 13.

Invisible BrotherEdit

He can turn invisible and make Force-Flelds that can be skin level she can fire smaller Force-Flelds like bolts and has telepathy real name lance feren skin black hair coler or black age 13.

Energy GirlEdit

He can fire red bolts and blast from her hands and blast form her eyes and can fly and can transform in to a crystal from real name katherine wallverta skin coler white hair coler red with blue streks power mode normal mode orange age 14.