Release Date Unknown
Created by DF
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A grey plane with red lines flies over the city inside the passengers are comfortable. What could go wrong?* (* Answer, many things! -DF.) Suddenly Lord Zordicon teleports into the cockpit and easily takes control of the plane. "Attention passengers, I Lord Zordicon have hijacked this plane. Sorry for the inconvenience." Lord Zordicon boomed through the loud speaker on the plane. Everyone started panicking, until Atomic Man flew in and grabbed the plane. He then started steering towards the airport. "Who dares!" Lord Zordicon thunders.

After the plane is landed Lord Zordicon instantly teleports out and punches Atomic Man into a nearby blue plane. Lord Zordicon then picks up Atomic Man and throws him again "You! Again," Lord Zordicon said "You may have taken my My Ruby of Fire* but you will not stop me from getting what I desire!" (*As seen in Atomic Man Chapter 1) "Sorry, Zordicon but we americans don't like terroists." Atomic Man rudely replied. Zordicon grabs a wealthy looking passenger's briefcase and takes a green key out of it. "Ta, ta, Atomic Fool!" Zordicon laughes while teleports away.

Later Greenwasp is following a Lord Zordicon through a dark alleyway. "Atomic Man, come in, Atomic Man. This is Greenwasp I found the guy you where fighting this morning." Greenwasp said into his com-watch. "You did?" says a voice behind Greenwasp, who turns to see Dasher. "Hi!" He says. "Be quiet!" Greenwasp replied in a silent voice. "I'm sorta following a terroist here who can easily rip both our heads off in two seconds. "Funny, I was going to do that" Zordicon chuckles.



Atomic Man




Lord Zordicon