PeePee Lad is Doo Doo Man's trusty sidekick and has been considered the worst sidekick in the history of sidekicks.


11 year old Kenny TinkleWeenie was an orphan who had a really bad bladder infection. One day, a weird looking stranger gave something to Kenny and told him that it was a cure to bladder infection, so Kenny took it (stupid little kid, right?) and as soon as he got back to the orphanage, he went in one of the closets and stuck the needle on his little weenie. Afterwards he felt funny, and gained superpowers which are...his bladder infection. Kenny met up Chuck McFudger aka Doo Doo Man and they fought together side by side as the worst dynamic duo in the history of dynamic duos!


PeePee Lad is an 11 year old boy with a costume that looks just like Dick Grayson's old Robin costume, except it is all yellow and has two 'P's on the left side of his chest in a black circle. PeePee Lad also has blonde hair. Also, he smells like pure piss.


When PeePee Lad pulls down his tights and takes out his wiener, he releases acid urine able to melt anything. He can also make his urine turn into cement to trap an enemy.


  • He is voted #1 on the "List of stupidest and gayest sidekicks ever" list.
  • One time, PeePee Lad peed so much, that he created a giant piss ball that melted all of Texas.