Mark Danielson, aka Powermaster, is a superhuman who partially mimics the abilities of his enemies after studying them for a short time. The source of this power is unknown. He was an antihero using villian powers, until he accidentally used Psychosurgeon's insanity inducement on himself, making him turn to super-crime. When he first appeared, he took away other heroes' foes as his own until he went insane.

He has a lot of powers, but also a lot of heroes to fight who I may or may not have added to this wiki yet.


Power mimicry

Super speed (from Captain Sonic/Mercurial Man)

Personal muscle enhancement (formerly; from Musclehead)

Heat vision (formerly; from Smeltdown)

Insanity inducement (formerly; from Psychosurgeon)

Super strength and near invulnerability (from Stronghold)

Solar energy absorption/redirection and flight (from Red Star)

Feral agility and senses (from Manimal)

Phasing and invisibility (from Ghost Girl)

Telepathy and telekinesis (from Mr. Mind)