Razorblade is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Doug Blake was born with a twin brother named Eugene, and they two soon became best friends. Throughout their childhood, they always played together and shared secrets or problems. They also shared an interest in science.

Later on, they started to study at the same university. But Eugene always had better grades, and was their parents favorite child. Tired of being overshadowed by his brother, Doug quit his studies and became addicted to drugs.

He later joined a gang of left activists and gained a hatred for the government. They soon became wanted for their questionable protest methods and use of drugs. One time they even robbed a post office to annoy the government.

One day, when they were being chased by the police, all gangmembers except Doug were shoot to death. Still chased, Doug decided to return to Declayton, in hope to find a hideplace there. But the police followed, and one day, they noticed his twin brother walking in public, and shoot him to death, believing this was Doug.

Doug, vengeful about his brothers death, decided to break in to his former labratory in order to find something he could use as a weapon. He discovered two, large circle shaped saw blades. He soon also discovered that, when attached to his hands, he could control  the blades just by using his mind.

He dressed up in a bullet safe suit, attatched the saw blades to his arms, and started to commit crimes, calling himself "Razorblade". However, this is just and excuse to kill police men, and striking revenge on the government.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Razorblade doesn't has any superpowers, but he have some powerful abilties. Two, giant saw blades are attached to his hands, which he can control with his own mind. The blades can cut through almost everything and are impossible to destroy. He's also wearing a bullet safe suit to protect himself.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Razorblade prefers to waste his spare time in loneliness, and rarely befriends anyone. His base is his brothers old labratory, located outside the city. When he isn't out committing crimes or killing police men, he stays there and plan for his next attack.


Razorblade is very intelligent and have an interest in technics and science, but he prefers to call his brother a much bigger genius, and also the biggest genius ever lived inside the areas of Declayton.

His goal is to kill every police man in the city and take down the government, as revenge for his brothers and former gangmates deaths. His motto is "I'm going to break the law, literally". By this, he means that he's going to cut everyone working for the law into two parts.

Appearance and designEdit

Razorblade wears a yellow, bullet safe suit, with a red "R" on. He also wears yellow pants and black shoes. He has brown, stripy hair, wears a couple of red glasses, and is always unshaved. The most recognizeable part of his appearance is propaly the two, big saw blades, attached to his hand.

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