Ruby, more known as Joyce Pearl, is a superheroine and sidekick of Gunblazer. Her nemesis was The bird, until they fell in love and started to date.

Character originEdit

Joyce Pearl was already as a little kid a very noble and fair person, always fighting for the small one when someone bigger was bullying. She made alot of friends and enemies, and was admired by other students.

After graduating she decided to become a police, and a couple of years later, she was one of the best superintendents at Declayton police department, highly praised by the boss.

However, things changed when Dollarman became the mayor. His corruption affected the criminality, and Joyce was frustrated over not being able to do something. One day, she decided that things needed to change. She remembered what her old friend, former commissioner Craig Thompson, once had told her. She remembered how he had told that he used to work with Gunblazer, before he retired.

She contacted him, and he revealed Gunblazers true identity as George Flygard. Together they met up with him at Decstone Inc. and told him about their plans in joining him. At first, he was doubtful about it, but later decided to work together with them, if Joyce studied several martial arts and trained her physics into maximum, since she wanted to be his sidekick. She agreed, and soon began her training.

A couple of months later, she was ready. George had constructed a suit made out of gemstone, to protect her. He also built several weapons and gadgets to her. She started to call herself "Ruby" and began fighting crime in Declayton, next to Gunblazer.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ruby doesn't has any superpowers, but wears a suit made out of solid gemstone to protect herself. The suit covers most of her body, except her face, chin, hands and feet. The suit protects her from most kinds of physicall damage, such as guns, knives and small explosions.

She also carries several gadgets, such as her two sharp fighting sticks made out of gemstone, which she also can connect to release a small glider that allows her to fly. Her gadgets also includes smoke bombs, throwing weapons and items she can pick locks with.

Except her gadgets, she's also a master in several martial arts and fighting methods. She's very strong, agile, strong, athletic, durable, smart and fast, and a master detective.

Friends and occupationsEdit

When she isn't dressed up as Ruby and fighting crime, Joyce Pearl works as a police commissioner at the Declayton police department. She's one of the best police officers in the city, and the bos's favorite employee. She lives alone in an appartment, but mostly spends her sparetime at George's office at Decstone Inc.

She's a close friend to both George Flygard and Craig Thompson, even seeing the latter one as a role model. They're all three a great team, operating their crime fighting with George's office as the base.

The first villain Joyce had to face as Ruby was The bird, who later would become her nemesis. They two shared many fights and chases before The bird revealed his true identity as Nat Fierce and and admitted his love for her. She soon revealed her identity aswell and they started to date. However, Nat had to swear that he would never dress up as The bird and commit crimes again, which he couldn't do. She broke up later, but they still shared strong feelings.


Joyce Pearl is a very independent, noble and strond minded woman. She have always fought for the little one, and want nothing other than to bring justice to the city she grew up in. She's very intelligent and quick-witted, and a great detective and crime fighter.

While Gunblazer rarely speaks during their crime fighting, Ruby has a habit of pulling out witty comments to tease the enemy. She's far away as serious as Gunblazer is, but she's still a noble hero.

Appearance and designEdit

Joyce usually dress in a white shirt and blue jeans, with black high heeled shoes. She has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. As Ruby, she wears a suit made out of gemstone, coloured in bright red. She also wears silver coloured arm and leg pads, also made out of gemstone, and a white helmet with a red mask.

She always carries two long, sharp fighting sticks, coloured in silver. They're also made out of gemstone.

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