This is a movie about Spiderbite


Blake Xander is walking down a street and meteor lands in front of him then on screen it says an Awesome Productions film by Diamondface

(Blake) Whoa!!!

Blake walks toward the meteor which opens to reveal a giant spider

(Giant Spider) I am Webb beware bloodskulgk he. is comming. you. must errg there is not much time. only. one thing to do. forgive me this. might hurt

He coughs up blood but then bites blake's hand then dies

(Blake) Arrarrg

Blake clutches his hand

(Blake) Ow what the hell was that for, great it's dead

Blake walks home and goes to bed but he has a dream where Webb is talking to him

(Webb) Blake Blake... i'm sorry if that hurt I can talk with you but only in your dreams now

(Blake) What do you want from me!

(Webb) Blake please Bloodskull is an evil spider unlike us he will come and a human like himself and bite him like have to you. You may not know this but you have my powers now and you must stop Bloodskull with them.

(Blake) But I can't

(Webb) Yes you can you must if the human race is to survive

(Blake) I SAID I CAN"T

Blake wakes up yelling


Spiderbite/Blake Xander


Joe Peperoni