Spiderchomp is a villain in the Awesome Productions universe he is arch-nemesis to Spiderbite.
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Before Webb's brother bit him.


Hector Chomp was a failed goverment experiment called Subject 99. With a robot hand fused to his arm he thought al hope was lost luckily he escaped the goverment base he was held in and hid in the city then Webb's evil brother landed in front of him. Biting his robot hand off and passing on his powers to Hector who vowed to destroy Webb. But when he learned Blake had got Webb's powers he quickly attacked him instead but blake defeated him and he was thrown back into a goverment base for now.


Super Strength (Stronger than Spiderbite)

High Agility


Web Creation

Spider Morphing

Poison Fangs


Constant thirst for blood

Crystal Spiders


He unlike Spiderbite can morph into a Black Widow.