• Astrex - a Tyrannosaurus in the blue space suit. He has red skin, wears a robot glasses and blue helmet, has sharp blades on the side of his helmet, and wears a jet boots. He has the powers to create force-field and produce beams of ultraviolet energy.
  • Electriceratops - a Triceratops and the only girl in the Super Dinosaurs. She has gold-orangish skin, wears a pink suit, a white skirt, and white boots. She has the powers of controlling lightning and wears a silver sash and suspenders shaped like lightning bolts.
  • Gregosaurus - a Stegosaurus in the Super Dinosaurs. He has the powers to change size and wears a blue spandex suit.
  • Cybiceratops - Electriceratops' older brother and the member of the Super Dinosaurs. He has the powers to produce laser beams and has the cybernetic exoskeleton that covers his body.
  • Aquachiosaurus - a Brachiosaurus who is an aquakinetic and has the powers of controll water and morph his appearance is constantly covered in water.