Super Munchkins is a team of superpowered 4 year olds.


They were once 4 four year olds playing in the playground except one boy named Noah Biggen. The 4 kids were Scotty, Stacy, Bobby, and Kiesha. Scotty was learning how to fix broken toys, Stacy was brushing her hair, Bobby was eating chocolate, and Kiesha was looking at her awful teeth in a mirror. Suddenly, Scotty found some jar of silly putty that was glowing green (radiation). They opened it and was about to play with it until Butch, the 5 year old playground bully began to ruin their fun. He was about to give them all noogies, but he politely asked why their silly putty was green. Scotty then pointed out that it must be glue to stick the broken parts of toys with so he splattered a broken car toy with the putty also getting it on his fingers, trying to fix the car, Stacy said that it was hair gel so she rubs some in her hair, Bobby said that it is lotion so he rubs it all over his body, Kiesha says that it must be tooth paste (probably due to her parents always trying to get her horrible teeth fixed) so she grabs her tooth brush from her pocket, put some putty in top, and started to brush her teeth with, then finally, Butch (calling them all dumb) says that it must be a soda flavor enhancer, pours some into his soda and drinks it all, then letting out a huge burp. Noah asks if he can play, but the kids were all too busy playing with the putty still so he angrily walks over to where he was...under the slide where it was dark and just sits there depressed. After the children left, there were still some putty left so Noah rubbed some on his forehead. The next day, the kids wake up the kids were shocked to discover that Stacy's hair was longer, Bobby was fatter, Kiesha's teeth were all white and cleaner than ever, and Butch could release gigantic burps. At the playground, Scotty ran to them and shouted out that he could fix or break any toy in 3 seconds as well as Stacy being able to use her long hair as whips, Bobby could roll up into a ball, Kiesha almost blinding Bobby with her shining teeth, and already know. When Noah woke up, he realized that his forehead was a bit bigger. But not only that...but he also had the intelligence of a 2nd grader. Noah then realized with his intellect, he could rule the entire neighborhood (small right?) for not letting the children play with him. When they saw him doing bad things, the children band together to use their newfound power to stop Noah from taking over the neighborhood as the team called...the Munchkins!



Scotty is the leader of the group and the first member to use the silly putty. His powers are to fix or break any kind of toy in 3 seconds. He can also turn them into a variety of weapons. Before he started messing with the putty, Scotty would always try fix broken toys so their owners won't be sad. He wears pajamas that are mostly blue, a tied on cape, a helmet made of Legos, two long gloves that are also made of Legos. His Lego gloves can also turn into his sword and shield. He wears the smiley face symbol on her chest.


Blondey is the pretty face and second in command of the team. She can use her long blond hair as a whip. Before she messed with the putty, her hair was short and black. She wears pajamas that are mostly pink and a sash across her chest with the smiley face symbol on it.