The bird is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Nat Fierce's father died when he was still a baby, which led to his mother had to work all the time throughout his entire childhood. He was very lonely and shy, with no friends other than his mother and older brother.

One day his mother bought a parrot, who became Nats closest friend. He played with his parrot everyday, sharing his problems, found comfort in him when he was sad.

When Nat grew older he started to study jurispudence at college. But one day his mother and older brother died in a car accident, and Nat was too sad to continue. He insulated himself from the rest of the world, with no other friend than his parrot. But one day, the parrot died too, so Nat bought a new one. And then a second one, and soon, his whole appartment was filled with birds of different kinds.

Nat lived in a shabby appartment and worked as a zookeeper and a park attendant. For many years, he put aside money since he was saving for a trip to Guatemala, where some rare bird spieces were located. One day, he had enough money and booked a 2 week trip to Quezaltenango, Guatemala. He asked his neighbor to take care of his birds when he was gone, and then told his feathered mates goodbye.

The trip to Guatemala was an amazing investment, and the experience of his dreams. One day he discovered a couple of rare but beautiful birds, and managed to tame them. Nat became very close to the birds, so when the trip were over, he didn't wanted to lose them. He decided to try and smuggle them back to Declayton, but his plan failed and Nat was arrested. The birds were sent to a zoo in Guatemala city, and Nat had to spend 5 days in arrestment.

Once over, he could return to Declayton, missing his birds very much. But he could never be reunited with his beloved friends, since they were all missing. A neighbor told Nat that no one had fed the birds when he was gone, so they started to make noises. Some neighbors then called the police who arrived and confiscated the birds.

Nat hurried to the police appartment, but it was too late. All birds had been executed since no one wanted to buy them, all except one, who Nat soon could buy back from its new owner. Nat became heartbroken, and considered the whole thing as murder. He considered the birds as the only thing he had, and then blamed the police for acting wrong, by evaluating a birds life way too low.

He decided to take revenge, and sewed a dress familar to a bird. He then constracted a cape which could allow him to fly. He started to call himself "The bird", and begun committing crimes in the name of the birds, to symbolize the birds revenge on humanity for how it had been treated.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The bird doesn't has any superpowers, but he's wearing a yellow, bird inspired dress with a cape that allows him to fly. He also uses gadgets such as a a bird themed boomerang with a sharp edge, smoke bombs and a grapple, in case his cape would be destroyed.

Friends and occupationsEdit

The bird lives in a shabby appartment in a poor area. He lives on the top floor, along with his one remaining pet bird, Jay. Jay is his only friend. The bird doesn't has any job, but earn money by robbing jewelrys.

Later on, The bird would fall in love with Joyce Pearl, the sidekick of Gunblazer. He revealed his secret identity as Nat Fierce, and they started to date. However, they broke up when Nat couldn't stop himself from dressing as The bird and committing crimes.


The bird is pretty intelligent and gentle, but also shy and outcasted. He states that he commits his crimes in the name of the birds, in order to create justice between birds and human kind. However, this can sometimes be seen as just an excuse to steal jewels to afford the bills.

Appearance and designEdit

The bird is wearing a yellow, bird themed costume, with a cape that allows him to fly. His mask covers his whole face except his chin and mouth. His mask also features a beak like nose and two ears, which look like wings.

He wears dark yellow leather gloves, with tags on. His boots looks the same.

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