señor cactus is crime fighting boss.

Character originEdit

Andrew Drake was the most popular student at Declayton High school. He was seen as very handsome, and thereby the reason to his popularity. Andrew himself though, thought everybody liked him for his personality, but in fact, nearly everyone hated him since he was spoiled, selfish, arrogant and very shallow. But no one dared to tell him that.

One day, Andrew visited a party with his girlfriend. During the party, Andrew went to take a nap in the guest room. While sleeping, one party guest accidentally lit the place on fire. Everybody started to panic, and in the middle of the chaos, nobody remembered that Andrew was still sleeping.

Andrew was set on fire, but his life could be saved by the firefighters. He was immediately taken to a hospital, where the surgeons could save his life. He stayed at the hospital for a couple of weeks, where he could be treated for his injuries. The doctors could later note that he was going to be fine, with some slight disfigurements.

But when the doctors removed the bandages from Andrews face, he was shocked. His face looked terrible and nothing like before, and Andrew feared that his life was over. The doctors tried to tell him that was lucky just to be alive, but Andrew didn't listen.

He would later return to school, but was shocked when everybody seemed to avoid him. He even noticed his girlfriend making out with another guy, but when confronting her, she just told him that he looked ugly and broke up. Andrew was too sad to eat lunch that day, since he had realized that nobody liked him without his look. Nobody really cared about him, just his look, and when that was gone, he had nothing. He knew that he was alone in the entire world.

Later on, Andrew got used to being outcasted. He gained an interest in engineering, and later started to study technology at the university. One day he read an article about a robot body, that gave its owner superhuman strength and speed. Andrew decided to try and build a similar body.

He started to construct a suit of armor, that would allow him to reach superhuman strength, speed and agility. After several years of working, Andrew succeeded. He painted the body green and supplied it with spikes, in order to make it resemble a cactus. He wanted it to symbolize, how everybody wants a beautiful rose, but no one cares about an ugly cactus.

He then dressed up in his new body, learned to control its abilities, and then renamed himself as "Señor Cactus", and started to fight crime like a boss.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Cactus has no powers of his own, but he has an armored suit that allows him to reach superhuman strength and speed. The suit also protects him from damage, and covers his whole body except his eyes.

also makes him super cool looking. love cactus 🌵

Friends and occupationsEdit

The cactus doesn't has any friends, he lives by his own under a bridge. He rarely talks, and rather chooses to act. He's a former scientist, but immediately quit after finishing his suit. I would be his Friend I know what it’s like to be lonely I don’t have many friends and I don’t see them a lot


The Cactus harbors a hatred against beauty, and wants people to realize how useless it really is. He states that before his disfigurement, he didn't knew how people really work.

He constantly abuses and cripples people he finds handsome or pretty, so that they will be disfigured too and learn to appreciate other things than look. His goal is to destroy beauty so everyone will learn to appreciate things for other reasons than appearance. ...... agreeable in few cases like rude people but some people are just pretty and some people just do it for fun or funny

Appearance and designEdit

The Cactus is wearing a suit of armor, painted in green, with several spikes painted in yellow. His suit covers his whole body except his eyes.

Page dedicated to my beloved Barbs. Is bards a person or dog or cactus some might ask .