The hunter is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Edmund Milburg was born in a poor area of Declayton, and most of his relatives died when he still very young. Since he didn't have any friends or family, he ran to the forest, and began a lonely life in a little shed.

Everyone who ever met him soon forgot about him, and the only person who knew that he even existed was his grumpy neighbor, Mr. Simmons. His neighbor despised him though, since Edmund always hunted deer on his property.

One day, Edmund shot another deer on his property, and Mr. Simmons became so angry that he threatened kill him. But Edmund just laughed and walked away.

Later that night, Edmund hunted deer on Mr. Simmons property once again. But this time, Mr. Simmons was prepared. Along with three friends, they took him into his house and decided to torture him as revenge for all those years of poaching. No one else knew that Edmund was alive, so they knew that they wouldn't be caught and arrested.

They tortured him all night long by hitting him with a hammer, cutting him with a knife, and repeatedly punching his face. They continued their torture until poor Edmund was unconscious. At the same time, one of Mr. Simmons friends, a former doctor, watched the torture and laughed. He was also fascinated by Edmunds leghold trap, which he found similar to a human jaw.

At late night, the torture was finished and Mr. Simmons wanted to shoot Edmund and dump his body in the forest. But the former doctor held him back and stated that he could make him suffer even more. He used his knowledge in surgery and replaced Edmunds damaged jaw with his own leghold trap. He then told Mr. Simmons to let him live, and dump his unconscious body outside his shed, so he would have to wake up and feel the extreme pain from his new "jaw".

Mr. Simmons agreed to the plan and later fulfilled it with his friends. Edmund woke up in the early morning and felt the massive pain. He ran into the shed to see what caused it, and was shocked upon discovering that his jaw was replaced by his leghold trap. Desperate to get rid of the pain, he decided to commit suicide by shooting himself. But the suicide failed and Edmund instead hit a deer with the bullet. He went up to the deer and discovered that it was still alive, dealing with extreme pain. When he saw the poor deer, suffering from enormous pain, it lit a sparkle within him. He tortured the deer to death and started to laugh.

The following days, he developed a fascination with pain. After all those years in loneliness, he had lost all but one of his emotions- pain. Since that was the only feeling he had left, he decided to like it. He soon became obsessed with creating pain, either on himself or on other people. He later started to hunt down and torture people to death, and became a wanted serial killer known as "The Hunter".

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The hunter doesn't have any powers, but he does have a large amount of weapons. He uses a leghold trap, attached to a chain which he sometimes throws to catch victims. He also uses several knives, spikes and guns to torture and kill his victims.

Friends and occupationsEdit

The hunter doesn't has any friends due to his dangerous habits, and would most likely kill anyone who befriended him. He tortures humans, animals, and sometimes himself.

The hunter doesn't hate nor love anyone, all he has in his mind is to create pain.


The hunter is incredibly sadistic and massochistic, he doesn't know any emotions other than pain, which he however has grown obsessed with, and is willing to go as far as possible to create it, both on himself and or others. He shows signs of depression and lack of interest in life, and it's implied that killing and torture is the only things that makes him feel happy and continue his life.

The hunter likes to sneak up at people in dark alleys or roads near the forest. He then catches the person in one of his leghold traps and hits him till unconscious, before he starts to torture his victim. When he finds the torture to be done, he brutally replaces one of the victims bodyparts with an object he finds in the place. For example, he's replaced a mans' hand with a can, half of a woman's leg with a wooden plank, and one mans' under arm with a dead cat. He usually lets his victims to survive though, in order for them to feel the pain.

When he's done, The hunter leaves a knife next to the victim, so that when the victim wakes up and feels the extreme pain from their "surgeries", he can choose between killing himself right there, or continue his life and deal with extreme pain every day for the rest of his life.

Appearance and designEdit

The hunter wears a shabby green jacket, with the collar covering his face. He also wears an old raccoon hat that covers his eyes.

His jaw is completely replaced by an iron leghold trap. He has short, black hair, grey eyes, and black shoes.

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