The Impossibles is a team of teenage superheroes


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  • Technopath/Collin Summers
  • Collosa/Alexa Williams
  • Comer/Christian Adamson
  • Neutron/Noah Skylee
  • Petit/Steve Cutcher
  • X-Treme/Xavier Conning
  • Cantar/Lilly Davis
  • Spike

Technopath (the leader)Edit

Technopath is the leader of the team. Before he became Technopath, he would always sit on his bed and just stay on his iPad all day everyday. But when Althor visited him and put him in the team, he was always a great leader to the team and is more active, caring about others, an adventurer, and a skilled fighter. Technopath has the power to control technology however he wants (almost omniponetly). He can make transform into warriors or monsters, can turn them into weapons, and if they don't work anymore he can make them work again. He can take the power of technology and form any weapon he wants from his body (like Gen. Rex and the Green Lantern). Finally he can take the energy of any technology and use it's energy to blast out powerful energy (or electric) beams from his hands or release a huge amount of energy from his body. His outfit is similar to Nova's from Marvel Comics. He also has the power to talk to technology (like hacking them).

Collosa (the strength)Edit

Collosa is the one in the team with the strength. Alexa always had anger issues (she kicked and slapped a little boy just for sneezing out loud). When joining the team, she had the power to transform into the mighty Collosa. When transforming into Collosa, she has super strength, super jumping, and invulnerbility. When turning into Collosa, she is much taller, is muscular, has red skin, has shaggy black hair, red eyes, and for some even though the rest of her body is muscular, her belly is slightly fat. As Collosa she is sometimes mean, grumpy, and she smack talks a lot.

Comer (the eater)Edit

Comer is the one in the team who eats every now and then. Before he joined the team, his entire refrigerator, cabinets, and for some reason his closet was all filled with food. He now has the power to make his mouth bigger and can eat anything he wants, then afterwards he can shoot green plasma blasts out his arms, mouth, and eyes. He also has super strength, and stamina.

Neutron (the genius)Edit

Noah is intelligent, gets straight A+'s in all of his classes, and is the smartest one on the team. As Neutron, he has a robe on (similar to a Sith robe in Star Wars), has long grey hair, has goggles on, wears long black gloves, and sits on a floating chair. His powers include telekinesis, telepathy, making illusions, and has super intelligence.

Petit (the small guy)Edit

Petit is the youngest one of the team, being 11 years old and is small. He has the ability to shrink himself to a very small size or even so small that no one can see him, infact he can also shrink other people or objects just by simply throwing a yellow energy ball at it/them. Steve has a high pitched voice, a grey and blue outfit, blue gloves and boots, a blue belt, with a mask attached to the suit. He also likes telling jokes a lot and always telling jokes funny enough to make the whole team laugh.

X-Treme (the daredevil)Edit

X-Treme is always the stunt person in the team. He is always doing amazing stunts on his skateboard, bike, and roller blades. As X-Treme, he always has his trusty skateboard with him, which is the source of his powers. When riding on his skateboard, he is very fast enough to have super speed, can pass through solid objects, and can create tornados by riding in circles quickly. Xavier wears sunglasses, a helmet, has knee and elbow pads on, has blonde hair, and has green eyes. As X-Treme, his outfit his overall red, has black objects wrapped around his body that is similar to tissue paper, has a black helmet on, wears elbow and knee pads on, and black boots.

Cantar (the voice)Edit

Lilly is the singer in the team. She likes music and loves to sing. As Cantar, she is able to release sonic screech directly from her mouth and hands and shoot energy covered CDs that can cut through almost anything. She loves nature, singing and likes to listen to music a lot.


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