The Schädel brothers are two supervillains and enemies of Gunblazer.

Character originsEdit

The Schädel family was a wealthy German family, who immigrated to the united states after having been accused of several murders. The family founded a huge property outside Declayton and built the famous landmark Schädel manor.

Several years later, the twin brothers Otto and Wolfgang were born in the mansion. Their parents were arrested and sentenced to lifetime in prison, where they later died. The babies were only a couple of months year old, so their butler, Ernest, decided to keep their birth a secret so the authorities wouldn't put them in an orphanage.

Otto and Wolfgang grew up with Ernest and would become two very spoiled and irresponsible young men. One day, their German cousin was visiting the city, when he was murdered. The police could identify his killer as Jacob Brent, a thug wanted since earlier. They put alot effort into arresting him, but he was never found.

As the months went by, Otto and Wolfgang grew desperate in finding their beloved cousins killer. One night, they discovered a hidden door to a secret room, full of cut out newspaper articles and pictures of dead relatings. They confronted Ernest about this, who decided to tell them an old family secret.

Their familys history was full of assassins and killers, who escaped to the states after risking prison in Germany. The family continued its killing in the united states, all way down to Otto and Wolfgangs parents, who were arrested before they could teach their sons into becoming assassins. Ernest, worried about losing them as he had done with their parents, decided to hide them from the authorities and raising them into becoming law-abiding citizens.

Ernest desperately tried to convince Otto and Wolfgang into don't following their parents footsteps, but it was too late. They dressed up in fancy costumes, black capes and hats, painted their faces as skeletons, loaded some guns, and went out with their old sidecar motorcycle to try and hunt down their cousins killer.

After several weeks, they succeeded. But, after committing their first murder, they gained a passion for murdering. They began murdering innocent people all over the city, as the last members of the family of Schädel.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Schädel brothers doesn't really have any superpowers, but they're both carrying guns. Wolfgang uses a colt M1911, while Wolfgang uses a machine gun. They're skilled shooters and rarely misses their targets.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Otto and Wolfgang have several wealthy friends from other immigrant families. They also have a butler named Ernest, who constantly serves them at the mansion.

They doesn't have any jobs, since they can live on their fortune. They constantly waste the familys money on garbage.


Otto and Wolfgang are very spoiled, egoistic and irresponsible. They often drive around with their side car motorcycle, in order to find possible victims. They have a great passion for murdering, something that goes back in several generations. Everybody in their family have been cold blooded assassins with a passion for murdering.

Appearance and designEdit

The Schädel brothers are dressed in black costumes with long black capes. Otto is wearing a black motorcycle helmet from the second world war, while Wolfgang is wearing a black tophat. They're both wearing skeleton looking make up, to hide their identities. They have black hair and grey eyes.

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