The accident is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Hank Cowell was born on Friday the 13th. Throughout his entire childhood, he was always followed by bad luck. It didn't pasted a day without him ending up injured. He fell over with the bike, fell in stairs, fell out of windows etc. and was called "The accident" by classmates.

The bad luck continued to his adulthood. After a while, his girlfriend grew tired of it and dumped him. The companies also stopped give him life insurances, due to his several injuries.

Hank blamed all his bad luck on the fate, and considered it as hating him. He decided strike back at the fate, and kidnapped a scientist. He then forced the scientist to create a suit that could protect him from all kinds of physical damage.

Later on, the scientist managed to construct a yellow suit out of elastic, impenetrable material. Hank dressed up in the suit, which looked very similar to a test dummy, and then tested it by jumping of a tall building. Hank survived, and realized that the fate no longer could hurt him.

He was outcasted beacuse of his look, and decided to become a criminal when he no longer could be hurted or killed. He took inspiration from his nickname in school, "The accident", and started to commit crimes with that identity. However, even if he no longer can be hurted, he still have his enormous bad luck, which affect the success of his crimes.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The accident doesn't has any superpowers, but he wears a yellow suit, imprenetable from almost everything. The suit can only be opened from the inside. He also carries a gun.

Friends and occupationsEdit

The accident doesn't has any friends, due to his odd appearance. He have grew used to his loneliness, and usually prefers to be alone. He often take walks around the city, dressed up in a coat and hat to stay anonymous.

He doesn't has any job, but earns money by robbing banks or committing burglaries. He doesn't has any home either, and mostly just sleep on park benches or in alleys.


The accident features a personality full of hatred against fate. He bashes fate for being so unfair to him, and blame everything bad that happens to him on fate. He wears his suit to protect himself from the fate, as a revenge for all it have caused him.

Appearance and designEdit

The accident wears a yellow suit, very similar to a test dummy. The suit covers his whole body except his mouth and eyes. He sometimes also wears a brown coat and hat so no one will recognize him.

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