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Titan is a french superhero and the main character of an upcoming amateur movie.


Cad Dent is a 21-year-old man. In his early years, his father and his older brother noticed that he had powerful capacities such as a huge strengh. But he was a kid and used these powers unwillingly. As he grew up, these powers disappeared.

Unable to find himself a job, Cad had to live with his older brother named Ben, whowas rich. But one day, their father met them and told Cad about a task he had to accomplish. He wanted Cad to become a superhero and to help him, but Cad refused, afraid of the risks. His father died some time later, and Ben, aware of what he wanted, took Cad's place and became the vigilante known as Titan.

Ben fought many thugs and became famous as Titan. But he suddenly disappeared, and no one knew why, except Cad : he had been murdered.

Three months later, Cad, with the help of his deceased brother's ex-fiancée, found a job and started to share his house with a superpowered young man in order to keep the house.

He was visited by his brother's ghost who asked him to replace him as Titan. Cad refused again, but Ben managed to convince him by telling him the truth : that he had to become a superhero and use his powers to stop a dangerous dealer who was testing his dangerous products on students. Cad finally decided to take the mantle of Titan.

He fought the murderer of his brother, the supervillain called Hid-Weapon, met another hero and defeated the dealer. he then decided to retire and focus on his job, but he agreed to help his room mate to fully master his fire powers and to become a hero.

Powers & abilitiesEdit

His father and his brother always said he could become immensely powerful. In his early years, Cad showed a great strengh and the ability to levitate. But he didn't use these powers willingly, and they disappeared as he grew up. During the movie, he mastered only two of his powers : his superspeed and the ability to throw lightnings from his hands.

His brother's ghost also trained him in hand-to-hand combat.


At the beginning of the movie, Cad was lazy, irresponsible, awkward and a bit coward as he refused to become a superhero because he was afraid of the dangers he would face. But he remained kind-hearted.

During the movie, he became more responsible, altruist and courageous.