They are a team of super teens who work for S.P.I


Kerrell Grant aka Spectacular BoyEdit

Kerrell led a normal life had a job his girlfriend LeeLee before being chosen by S.P.I to be team leader. He is a master telepath and can camouflage himself. He is age 17 and has black hair.

Clark Vevin aka Morphing LadEdit

Clark was a weapon trader but was taken by S.P.I and for his freedom and starting a new life.He can morph into steel, gold, diamond, ruby, and wood form. He is age 18 and has brown hair.

Lily Adler aka Water GirlEdit

She was with her boyfriend who had fire power when at a pool party her body was covered with water after she joined Operation N. Lily can fire water out of her hands, frozen the water and can cover her self with water and frozen it to cover her self with ice. She is age 17 and has red hair.

Peter Plats aka RescueEdit

Wean he was on the run from W.D.A his Super gene allowed him to get away and get to S.P.I. . can lift a ton, has super healing, has super-speed,has super-durability,and can control fire.He is age 18 and has blond hair.