Hi. Hopefully people could see this.

Hey guys. ummm, my name's Elijah. Im from Warrior cat fanfiction wikia, somewhere in the internet :D

I'm kinda new here, so, hopefully people could see me. Just wanna know how things are here, and what happens here. I'm also really friendly, so im friends to all!! I hopefully could meet you guys over here for the first time, so i could get some more friends!

My favorite superhero is Iron man and Spooderman btw :D

I play basketball and soccer, and im a starting freshman, IM SO NERVOUS OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!

I love writing, so this is my 2nd wikia, yay......

Leave some message in my chat, and hopefully i could respond. Again, im friends to all, so i would love to get to know you guys cause im really nervous of doing two wikias for the first time, part-time jobs lol.

Yours truly,

The silver tom, Waterfang.

WATER CAN QUENCH FIRE (talk) 02:53, August 21, 2016 (UTC)