Vein is a supervillain


He smells like shit


Vein is 8 feet tall, is very muscular, wears black shorts, his hair is gone, his body is overall red, and all of his veins are very visible.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After the accident, Vein gained super strength, is super flexible, has the power to shoot hot blood that can melt almost anything, he can use his veins as whips, can turn into pure blood so he can't be caught, he can control other's actions by controlling the blood and cells in their body, when he touches others, he gives them his decease which instantly kills them, and when he absorbs the blood of healthy people, he becomes more powerful. He is also a genius, meaning he is very smart.


  • Real Name: Dr. Victor Vein
  • Alias: Vein
  • Aligment: Evil
  • Species: Mutant
  • Age: 24