Hello my name is valrand'r but earth people call Me valra. Im a sixteen year old space princess From Zicron. And oh its my home planet im a Zicronian and im also a bit half of Kryptonian,Tammerean,and half is part of a god which i didnt choose to be.but since im on earth with my cousin starfire(koriand'r) she will watch after me. After all i can stand when people cant trust me to stand on my own two feet. On Zicron we have gods just like everyone else. But our gods are part of the universe and they are infinity, ethernity,oblivion, and death they keep the balance of the universe. And living tribual is a galatic king. He is my watcher he keeps everything on me where i go what i do and reports it to my grandfather. And the one above all is my grandfather. He thinks im gonna be a living hell if he doesnt keep all eyes on me. And my parents where do i start with them......well my mother is an infinite being and she also has these stones on her head i dont know much about. And my father is full Zicronian he is dead like my mother.but hey I thought i was just a normal princess living in space.....and Zicron also has 20 evil ghost like gods whos soul are locked in the crystal temple and im not allowed to explore Crystal Temples or anything or i will get possessed by the gods or they will use yea yea same story heard it million times. But I had to discover my real powers on earth i can shoot starbolts eye beams the usual and i am flame rresisant and i can breath under water and i can stay in lava and super strength, jumping high,and i can run faster than the flash the usual also kick an armies but all by my self and shift tectonic plates on any.planet and can bend liquid metal....... Oh introducing the character sorry😒😒