X-ray is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Scott Davis was a normal factory worker and a citizen in Declayton. He suffered from ADHD and often had big tantrums for minimum trifle.

One day his alarm clock didn't worked so he got late for work. Once there, he forgot to put on his safety suit, and just went up to sort some highly radioactive toxic waste. His workingmates tried to stop him but it was too late, Scott was exposed to dangerous radiation. He was instantly taken to a spraying chamber to save his life, and was then driven to a hospital.

Scott was treated for his injuries, and survived, but with one, permanent damage: All his hair growth was gone forever, and his entire skeleton was glowing. The doctor told him that his skeleton unfortunately would continue glow for more than 150 years, which would be longer than his lifetime. Knowing that his skeleton would glow his entire life, Scott became furious and vengeful.

Scott was later released from the hospital and could return home. But all he had in his mind was revenge. He filed a lawsuit against his old workplace, and fully blamed his injuries on it. But camera recordings from the day of the accident could prove that it was Scotts own wrong, and the lawsuit was rejected.

This made Scott even more vengeful, and his tantrums became worse and increasingly common. This led to his girlfriend dumping him and move away, which he blamed on his terrifying appearance, and made him even more vengeful.

After a while, Scott figured that nothing would be done, and to get revenge, he had to act by himself. He sold his house and gathered all his savings. He then bought a club in the port area and acquired a number of weapons. He hired a couple of thugs and formed a gang.

The gang soon started to rob banks and deal drugs, with the result that they became the most wanted in the city. Scott became known as "X-ray" for his appearance. X-ray's goal is to strike revenge on the city for what happened to him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

X-ray doesn't has any weapons, he instead uses two guns. He's a skilled shooter, and very dangerous in gunfights. He's also a skilled fighter, with very brutal fighting methods.

He's the leader of an infamous gang, with over 20 gangmembers to date. Every gangmember carries several knives and guns.

Friends and occupationsEdit

X-ray is a tough leader of his gang, which make him very feared in the underworld. His gang have earned him a small fortune in stolen money.

X-ray is good friends with his closest gangmember, Eduardo. He's also good friends with criminals such as Lucky, Dollarman and Yellmask.


X-ray is a very hot-tempered person, who often break out into tantrums for nothing. He's diagnosed with severe ADHD. X-ray is also very vengeful, his goal is to strike revenge on the city for his disfigured appearance, by disfiguring the citys appearance.

Appearance and designEdit

X-ray is dressed in a grey coat, with black gloves and wears black pants and shoes. The most significant part of his look is his skeleton, which is glowing in a neon green colour. He's also bald and has no eyebrows.

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