Young Guardians is team who collecting sidekicks, proteges and young superheroes, the team members are students of World Warrios


In july 2013, three teenage proteges of the world warriors, elecboy, kidwing and watergirl team-up to stop bank robbers, after they success they got into troubles when thier mentors, eleman, firewing and seamagic know about their secret team-ups.

two weeks since the rob, the three heroes with the sidekick of speedster, speedboy and the children of archer, arrow-boy and archeress was invite to the 


founding membersEdit

Elecboy - the sidekick of elecman, was teenage criminal until he got arrested by the police when he broke into volto mension, volto decide to become the boy's guardian, he reveal his secret of elecman to the boy and made him his sidekick

Kidwing - the sidekick of firewing

Watergirl - the adoptive sister of seamagic, she is a mermaid

Speedboy - the sidekick of speedster

Arrow-boy and archeress - the adoptive children of archer